Thursday, April 24, 2014

04-24-2014 - Open the door

Enter in and hear the words we speak as they come in one at a time. To you, you have no reference. No ideas of the things of which are to come and be among the many things to diverge on this plane. And yet preparations are being made on many levels. To acclimate to the inner workings of each individual in their due time. To seek and be sought in time will be of value and under all of this is the change… The reverence to come. Wonderful things of many are to be truly available for the masses to be aware and I time these will reveal and be revealed as the veil is drawn. Keeping forward is always the progress most accomplished and will be of utmost importance in future days. Inner workings are coming about, sparking interest … sparking incite and knowings shall be more wide spread as the time moves forward. Passing is the way of old paradigms and newly lit hallways and churches shall be the way to be seen. And so, hold tightly and be ready and prepared as we move through these tumultuous of times ahead. Unrest and unreadiness will be a factor as changes become known. Hence to you we say to now begin preparations truly is of the importance. Many are called some will stand.

Thoughtfulness of others and the interconnectedness of all is of importance. Within lies deeply that string to which all is attached and to enlightend and spark this string into its optimal existence is to shine. To fear this change will be of no use as it will be whether or not one is ready for it. And so… commune with your brothers and sisters… Be one with those you have for so long kept apart from. The interconnectedness cannot be undone. These are the fundamental truths of your existence as you now perceive it and keeping away from the others is the downfall of humankind all over the world you know. We are all together. Connected energetically and forever on a level of all that is. This is truth and the sooner this realization dawn on human kind. The better.

Allowing others in. Allowing emotions to flow through and be felt on every level of your being is so necessary. These are indeed the things that physical form is meant to portray. Dulling these senses with and by other means makes one of robotic nature as you may be able to reference. We are all pieces of the organic puzzle of the cosmos wherein the energies and dust move together in symphony
so profound and yet unrealized. These minute moments…. These glimpses need to be sought and experienced. Do not shy away from the coming times… Embrace them. Hold your hand and arms wide to bring them closer as these are indeed the pieces that come together to produce the most vivid and real experiences that could ever be.

Open the door. Walk through the door. Experience the many and the few who lie on the other side. Open your arms and embrace and experience. Apart and alone is of no beneficial space. It is only through others that you will know yourselves. It is only through the understanding of others that you can and will understand yourself and realize the flight that is possible and the communion. Together you are stronger as a race of now known as human. Use and revel in this reality as it is one of many and the learnings within this time are of most importance to your souls that will exist beyond your short stay here.

Know that this is true. Feel that this is resonating on a level at which the whole of mankind can experience. The disasters and war and inner fighting and power struggles that command the attention and reverence of man, are of only such that are distractions. These should be inhaled and spat. The trueness of your inner self is in its need of most to be experienced. And that, inner working needs desperately to seek out and intertwine with that knowing in others. These connections are so needed now. It is time to begin and keep this process in its forward motion. With love and light beyond measure, we sing to you these days to come. Love

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

04-22-2014 - Be open to the thoughts

Stop thinking, the flow will come to those who wait and see and hear. Be open to the thoughts and let them infuse your soul. To be with and incite from the list of the things that keep you forward in your progress. Interweave, interwoven… inside and out the bell comes and rings loudly within… as a start, as a signal. As a wake-up call to you and to those who surround. To know the truth as it lies within. To hear the words as they fall like rain from the skies. To see and know is to be. To be inside yourself to know yourself first is of most importance and then forth you may go into the unchartered lands and bring forth he messages true. All are in this wheel and turn it does as time moves in your world. Feel the rumble below as you are pushed forward onto and into planes where you’ve not reached before.

The time has come that these openings are for walking through and that it is time now is truly the message. You and yours will walk, together with dignity and truth. Onward knowing of the trials and tribulations of which to come are many. And yet, facing these with restraint and open mindedness is of utmost importance. So… we say to stop and be on the flower of which you hold inside your head. To be there upon it and to bring it into your existence as you inhale the sweetness of which makes it real. To
ponder a glance at those which you have missed before and to bring forth the realness that is within. Without the anchor, the adherence to those thoughts and actions that lie within your soul is to go on what you could call a fool’s errand. Keep on the path to know yourself and explore the many layers that make you and move this forward… to the next, and then the next and let them understand of all the power that lies within and does not exist because of the myths they have come to believe as truths. Shift is here and now it is in movement faster than before. Hold on to your truths and explore them deeply within. Explore the realities of many existences and know these are the truest form. Love , light, compassion… keep these close to heart and know the oneness of all is the all of one.

Instant gratification is always the path first taken. Keep the eye on the door and know that these are the ways, they are open, they are true and the keys to each lie within you.

Monday, April 21, 2014

04-21-2014 - Listen

So to speak. So to hear the voices inside. Within and without they flow like notes on the air. Within the soul they expand and propagate and become signs and symbols of all that lies within. These are the keys to hold on to. To jiggle in the lock and find those avenues that you are to see and feel and grow. Within each does lie the insurmountable numbers of inner knowings that can be revealed as you move through the channels and move through the doorways as they open to you. Within do go to find. Enjoy the fruits as they come fresh and pick them to reveal the inner knowings that reside. The highly intuitive self is able to decipher these meanings and bring to your consciousness what is necessary on all levels to move through the maze. We are in and here with you on all levels. Whether in form or thought ours is to brace you to see those that may not be seen. Internalization of all is not the goal. Expansion of the soul is. Expansion of the energy as it moves through the stratosphere … as it connects and weaves and fulfills the knowledge. All is available and openness is necessary to grasp these connects. No matter how small, miniscule you feel within. How much you think that yours cannot change the world… changes it in so many ways with just your thoughts. We know that yours is to finalize and make certain of all these infinitesimal pieces something of solid ground. Yet, solidity is only favorable in the reality as it is brought. All is inside and can be brought out to others. Interwoven facts and fears. Keeping onward on journeys and paths so comforting a thought without resolve.

One in many can make differences that cannot be calculated. Immeasurable is thought. Yes, ever expanding we are. You are… we all have the abilities within and to expand the knowledge both within us and to bring it to others is to be the way.

One does. One is. And together each one makes those differences. Keeping forth does mean to have to look deeply inward and understand the indecision and decision lie within. There are no others to go to for the information. There are no others to make this reality whole. When we realize all is within, we are free. Allow, thought, self, being sights… enjoy, envelope, share. These small things do bring forth changes of highly affective change.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

12-14-2013 - 'Word is a Vibration of the Source, Mother Earth's Needs'

Word is a vibration of the source, all knowing and all encompassing.  Within this does dwell and you feel it truly within your being.  Doubt must be cast aside in these days as you move on towards the light with the entrance of others into the days ahead.  Within does dwell the light you ask for so deeply and to withhold and give the light is your mission.  To you we relate our many indications of readiness abound of yours and others on your plane to move forward this day and many to come.  Necessary is the fight that will be undertaken in the name of the light as ahead this need does grow.  What is to come is fast and to be withstood will take army of light.  Within this army you are one and one is this army.  Keep forward o the path you have chosen is necessary.  Do not get lost in the minutia of the intricacies of things.  Know the light is to serve and you are to serve the light through your manifestations as they come through.  Yours is a power of greatness to be kept forward on path and to use as is necessary alongside others.  And we stand along side you.  

Commonalities you share many with these others on your path and you will find many more on path that will be there as in side by side service of you and yours.  Withstand the need for more as will come as time and place directs.  Yours path is flowing, as it should and energies rise in you as days progress.  Many openings do come and love and light pour through as is tolerable to earth frame.  Come and join in and rejoice in the light as it flows to your body.  Know this feeling is true and the love and light coming through is of most benefit to you and those around you.  And will flow through regardless of the details. 

Within the fires grow and alongside others yours ids in harmony with those who do live around.  We know this light and healing are true and will be used of most benefit as time moves on.  Within you must go to find these ‘blocks’ to find where they stand in way and to release them as you are able.  As time begins to move you shall see these blocks move aside for the entrance of more and more light to shine through.  Most proud are we at progresses made in the quickness that they do come.  Keep forward in the path and despair none.  We are here and we hold hand and will allow the glimpses as they can be tolerated.  Wonder and awe is no more a necessity as these are truths and becomings in realness.  Wonder and excitement aside do come and keep forward on this path.  We move alongside and with.

Higher self you ask for and you know the answers true.  You do communicate and know that these messages come through whether they are in consciousness or in as an aside the guidance is truly inside and does bring you forth on your current state.  Know that these movements have come time and time again and you are moving within the time as allotted for said plan.  Keep true and let aside the despair as the time grows nearer and nearer for the needs of many to unite their energies and bring forth the light as the necessity grows as time moves forward on your earth plane.

Mother earth is truly in desparate need now more than ever in her existence.  As the treachery of man can and has been great.  There are many souls and energies that combined can defeat the unnecessary power struggles of greed and inhumanity.  As has always been on this plane.  Know that yours a power true does ignite flames across many places and brings a light that cannot be undone.  Deep this light moving forward and bring it as you can within your soul.  Know these beings with which you consort now are certainly of ancient and move fervorently truths and together, your combined energies do soar to heights unknown and unfathomable as by your standards of past.  You have been on many planes and many lives before, of this certainty is true.  Light has ben brought to many and is of most necessity now, in these most turbulent times ahead.  And so we say again and again to you.  Remember light and love and the absolute necessity on your plane  Keeping your path forward and do not forget.  Rememberings of many times will and have come through and the reasons although not explainable in words as you know them are true in relationship to your being.  We love and support your fight within the new days and deep beside you and yours within.  Strength of a great many are needed for this new time and we know the strength does exist and will move swiftly through you and yours.  Beings of many again do stand by and await the needs of the light and we support and expedite as we can and can be tolerated by your earth frames.  Yours is to acclimate and stay true on your paths as they come.  You’ll know them from within and you will know them from those you meet and interact. 

Know not for waste is times you spend.  Your revealings of many did pass in meetings although “states” were not achieved, truths were revealed.  Do not dwell on these intricacies as the truth of  messages passed with in the time you spent and necessary meetings took place for reasons beyond your current comprehension.  Knowings within you and many to come are on the path.  Within the light dwells and flares upward to reach heights as is combines alongside others within your circles.  Keep close, keep on path and know that these are truly times to move forward unto the new times.  With you we are.  With you we feel your struggles and support fondly you and yours towards the light and love in the turbulence yet to come  Within you a power exists and revealed as time moves.  With love, peace, light blessings, namastes we love and support.  Entrance is golden, a fire is lit.

Monday, December 9, 2013

12-09-2013 - 'Entrance is Now, Bring Light to Mother Earth'

12-09-2013 -
Entance is now.  Entrance has begun and now in you do go to hear the words flow.  Entrance is easy to do and must just be entered into as one sits idly and hears the messages come through.  We are here again with you and are happy to bring forth messages again to you.  We know it is hard and sometimes difficult to begin and get the flow moving forward, however we are always alongside and when entrance does begin it is as we have said before golden and a wonder to behold.  Wonderings yours have been again on this and may days as we have moved forward and we are pleased to know your resolve is true.  Onward we journey to paths yet to be taken ahead and soon to be revealed as time is traveled through space and mind.  Onward you go and relate freely to the life lessons of this and many times before and will soon reveal themselves to you as you have been in many lifetimes previous.  Wonder and excitement abound at the opportunities presented as your time goes on.  And uncover these instances you may.  We behold many truths to be revealed and are in awe of success of you and others today.  We look forward to continued successes on these paths as they unfurl themselves to you.  We know many revealings are soon coming and will be enjoyed by you and you will see them true. 

We do behold the truths of lights and love to come swiftly through your being on this and many days and are of most entranced by this forward progess.

becomes the word to each.  Easier to be influenced and bring forth messages with word to begin the entrance to the field.  We love and bring forth the light today with you and sit with you as you recite.  Over and over through the mind goes these words and relate to them you do and many times they move through.  We sit again and know the meanings are true, the feelings are there and within the light does shine.  As we move forward on this day today we bring forth another message to you and have faith that transmission can be made and so it does.
Forward we think this time has come and we bring forth these messages again and again to you and others on plane.  We do rely heavily of your instincts to pick up and write and move these messages forward as can be done.  We rely on the faith of you and yours and bring these messages through as inspirations true to you.  Entrance is golden and this is truly a gift of yours to be ignited again and again.  Often it seems to be difficult to begin, and so you may not and try we say... try and keep on and let the words flow.  Do not get lost in the intricacies of the messages, simply let flow the words and meanings as they come and decipher them for later thought and learning.  Downloading is taking place regardless of the institution and yours is needed to entrain.  Keep forward keep full and keep these messages true and fresh and pull them from the ethers are you are able each day.   Close to you we soar and with your wings we do come in.  Keep us in thought and mind and message shall pour through.
Witness none to the deaths of those around and know that these come true as time moves on and cannot be feathered too lightly for your mind.  We do know and love and keep warm richnesses to you to bring wonder into equation.  
Readings many you shall have and do.  Readings many and healings true.  Keep close to heart and from this place make connections most truthful.  Trust and faith is needed constantly to keep forward progresses moving from and away.  Acceptance of gifts and love is necessary as well.  This is your truth. This is your being.  Oneness and wholeness comes as integration does approach.  Needless for you to think too deeply of these great mysteries as they have come before.  Yours needs to know the truths abound need clarification and need to be made forth to the humanity as whole as is able.  

Love and light bring forth from the center and expand as can into all.  Bring light down and through your being to mother earth as well as her inhabitants to help with the transformations and energy needs of each and every one.  Beings unite often and onward.  This is the truth.  This is the way and untold is the ramifications of single mindedness and extraction from your truth and being.  Be at one with self.  Be as one with self ... Wander deeply into the wood as you will and reflect on the teachings as they come.  One and all, we unite, as do yours.  with love and light and understand, we do bring forth countless energies to you.  Onward path to go, it long and is short and is wonderful as can be experienced. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

12-08-2013 - 'Word is Within'

Another day as we look on and see progresses many made by you and others. Today is a day of many times to come and within your heart you see the future to be. Love and light guiding the way again as always and within our heart we bring froth the love and light onward to you and many as you walk along the earth realms. Today is the day to begin again and to see with the new eyes that you can see so clearly the progresses made. And onward you go into this fire and in to this collective flame so brightly paving the way and we are here again with you to support and love and bring the light through. Yours are truly the fire to bring the light and we bring forth this light through you and many on this day. The sun shines brightly in your realm as the warmth of it calms and soothes the souls. A difficult time is most with the short sun cycle and to each we do know you have most difficulty with this. Bring forth inner lights to shine the way thorough the extended darkness to bring forth the news and the light and warmth as is needed.

Within you do look and find the many progresses to date and go back on previous time we do instill. Knowings do come more freely now and word is truly within.